1.1. The Box Fashion Proprietary Limited, with registration number 2014/271386/07, is the first local accessories membership service company that provides our members with the latest fashion pieces and styling advice, all delivered to your doorstep in a box.

1.2. This policy sets out the complaints procedure applicable to The Box Fashion clients and members in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (hereinafter referred to as the CPA).


2.1. The purpose of this policy is to guide all clients and members to the processes and procedures available when lodging a complaint in order to ensure that all grievances are dealt with promptly, in a fair and effective manner, and to our client’s/member’s satisfaction.


3.1. “Complainant” means a person who submits a complaint. A complainant can be:

3.1.1. a consumer;

3.1.2. an individual who holds a membership with The Box Fashion;

3.1.3. a person that pays a premium in respect of a membership;

3.1.4. an authorised individual acting on behalf of a client or member;

3.1.5. a potential member or client whose grievance pertains to the dissatisfaction of the marketing and advertising method used;

3.1.6. anyone who has a direct interest in the product or membership.

3.2. “Client” is an individual or entity that purchases or intends to purchase a The Box Fashion product.

3.3. “Member” is an individual or entity that has accepted a membership with The Box Fashion, agreeing to a monthly membership fee in exchange for exclusive membership benefits, including but not limited to a seasonal box of accessories.

3.4. “Business days” is Monday to Friday with the exception of Jewish and national public holidays.


4.1. The Box Fashion strives to ensure the rights of the consumer are respected and complied with in accordance with the provisions of CPA.

4.2. In terms of the CPA, all clients/members hold the following rights:

4.2.1. The right to equality in the consumer market and protection against discriminatory marketing practices;

4.2.2. The right to privacy;

4.2.3. The right to choose;

4.2.4. The right to disclosure of information;

4.2.5. The right to fair and responsible marketing;

4.2.6. The right to fair and honest dealing;

4.2.7. The right to fair, just and reasonable terms and conditions;

4.2.8. The right to fair value, good quality and safety; and

4.2.9. The right to accountability by suppliers.


5.1. Complaints are categorised to ensure that the appropriate procedures are followed in relation to a specific complaint.

5.2. Annexed hereto as Addendum A being the Complaints Categories.


6.1. The Box Fashion has structured an efficient and well-informed Client Care department. In the event that a client or member is unsatisfied with the service received or product purchased, a Client Care Consultant must be informed of the complaint or query.

6.2. There are no cost implications imposed on the client/member for lodging a complaint.

6.3. The complainant may lodge a complaint verbally or in writing using the following platforms:

6.3.1. Telephonically on 0860 117 536

6.3.2. Per email to info@theboxfashion.co.za

6.3.3. Via direct messages on social media, on Facebook and Instagram. Social media comments on public posts/advertisements will not be considered a valid platform to lodge complaints.

6.4. In the event that the nature of the complaint permits, a Client Care Consultant can assist the complainant and provide a possible solution or feedback relating to the complaint.

6.5. The complainant must include the necessary details for the Client Care Consultant to locate the relevant membership/order/delivery/interaction and to assist. Failure to include the necessary details or supply requested information in a timely manner will result in an invalid attempt to lodge a complaint.

6.6. If the complaint or query needs to be further investigated, a consultant has 3 (three) business days to provide the complainant with a solution, decision, or an update in relation to the complaint or query.

6.7. In the event that the complaint needs to be referred to another department, the Client Care Consultant will do so on behalf of the client/member and in accordance with the internal procedures of The Box Fashion.

6.8. The Client Care Consultant will notify the complainant that the matter has been referred to the relevant department, and further feedback in relation to the complaint can be expected within a reasonable amount of time. Such notification can be in writing or verbal.

6.9. When conducting an investigation in relation to a complaint, all internal processes and procedures need to be adhered to. The complainant is required to cooperate and comply with all internal procedures to ensure that the complaint is dealt with efficiently.

6.10. Based on the nature of the complaint, a membership may be stayed pending the outcome of the internal investigation conducted by the Client Care Consultant. The complainant is still subject to all internal regulations and procedures. Non-compliance by the complainant may lead to the membership being reinstated and continued in accordance with the agreement at inception of the membership. The complainant will be notified in writing that the profile has been reinstated.


7.1. Should the query or complaint surpass the Client Care Consultant’s authority or if the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Client Care Consultant, the complaint is then escalated to management.

7.2. The Client Care Consultant has the duty to ensure that the complainant is informed that the complaint has been escalated to management.

7.3. Management has 3 (three) business days from date of receipt of the complaint to acknowledge the complaint. Management furthermore must review the resolution provided by the Client Care Consultant and/or conduct further internal investigations.

7.4. Management has the duty to remain impartial, fair and diligent when scrutinising the complaint.


8.1. Upon the completion of the internal investigation, Management must provide the complainant with the reasons for the decision in a clear and diligent manner.

8.2. Where a complaint is upheld The Box Fashion has the duty to provide a remedy to the aggravated complainant without undue delay. Such remedy may be the following:

8.2.1. Refund payment;

8.2.2. Any other appropriate remedy.

8.3. Where a complaint is rejected, the complainant must be provided with sufficient reasons for the outcome.

8.4. The complainant may lodge their complaint with the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud within the relevant time frame. The complainant will have 3 (three) years to lodge a complaint with the Ombud from the date of notification of the outcome.

8.5. The procedure of the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud will apply once the complaint has been lodged successfully.

8.6. Consumer Goods and Services Ombud details are as follows:

Address: 292 Surrey Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, RSA

Email Address: info@cgso.org.za

Tel: 011 781-2607 / (Shared Call) 0860 000 272

Website: www.cgso.org.za


9.1. The Box Fashion will ensure that a record is kept of all complaints lodged together with all relevant evidence submitted, correspondence, decisions, and the outcome reached.

9.2. The Box Fashion strives to maintain the confidentiality of its clients’/members’ personal information and processes. All personal information is handled in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

9.3. Further information relating to our Privacy Policy can be found on https://theboxfashion.co.za/privacy-policy/


Complaint Categories

1. Complaints relating to the design of the membership and related products, including the premiums or other fees or charges related to the membership or product;

2. Complaints relating to information provided to membership holders;

3. Complaints relating to advice received from The Box Fashion;

4. Complaints relating to service of membership holders, including complaints relating to premium collection;

5. Complaints relating to complaints handling;

6. Complaints relating to quality of the products;

7. Complaints relating to delivery of the product;

8. Complaints relating to the distribution and access of Personal Information; and

9. Other complaints.

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