What to expect in your box:

1. Fluffy Bucket Hat

The keep-me-warm but keep-me-cute accessory to keep those little heads warm and out of the sun while out and about.

2. Fluffy Fingerless Gloves

The Fluffy Fingerless Gloves to keep those busy little hands warm. Ideal for playing and handling small objects.

3. Drying Bear Cap

Adorable super absorbent hair Drying Bear Cap to keep warm. Perfect for keeping warm after a wash or a swim.

4. Pink Pop-Up Case

The pencil case that stores and presents! Unzip the side, pop the slider section down and stand it upright for easy access to stationery.

5. Girls’ Pop-On Bracelet

DIY your own bracelet in build-it-yourself style. Pop the loose pieces on and off in any colour or pattern for a fun, personalised arm accessory.

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