What to expect in your box:

1. Travel Bag Set

Organising bags in different sizes to make packing and travelling hassle-free. These bags help you to pack more than you think and easily move from your bag to the cupboard.

2. Waterproof Cellphone Case

Capture your favourite pool selfie or crashing wave boomerang with your cellphone securely sealed and safely hanging around your neck. Perfect to never miss those gorgeous water moments again!

3. Travel Bottle Set

Maximise the number of products you can take while minimising the space they take up! Decant all your must-have cosmetics into travel-sized bottles without compromising on any skincare routine.

4. Heart Sunnies

Love and let the love shine through you with fabulously fun shades to make sunny days just that much cuter. Ideal for creating your next viral selfie.

5. Fine Chain Set

Decorative and dainty for both your ankle and your wrist. Wear these charming details as a set or wear them solo, and create your favourite style.

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