What to expect in the box:

  1. Pear Hair Accessories Pouch
    Tired of always looking for your little one’s hair accessories? Keep everything together with this nifty accessory pouch, perfect for sleepovers or even everyday use!
  2. Heart Bracelet Set
    Let your little one wear her heart on her sleeve with this cute heart-shaped bracelet set.
  3. Hair Tie Lolly
    Not only does it look good enough to eat, but it has a year’s supply of hair ties!
  4. Pear Headband Set
    Looking for creative hairstyle ideas? Look no further! You can easily create these adorable looks at home with the help of these headbands.
  5. Pear Umbrella
    “Raindrops keep falling on my head”… or not! This umbrella will keep your little one dry on those rainy days.

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