What to expect in your box:

1. Netted Shopper

Use your shopper as an alternative to plastic bags or to stash your beach towel and bikini in.

2. Rainbow Kimono

Wear your Rainbow Kimono to add a ton of terrific tones to any #lotd.

3. Rainbow Beaded Earrings

Beads are in the lead for earrings this season! Include some fringe detailing, mix up the bead colours and you are all set for the perfect ear-party. Wear them for a pop of colour, to add some quirky fun to your outfit or just because you feel like it – retro has no rules!

4. Rainbow Bracelet Set

Use your bracelet set to add just the right hints of colourful hues.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

The Water Bottle has a little infuser tray where you can place lemons, cucumbers or berries to add a subtle flavour to your water while keeping you hydrated and healthy!

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